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Introducing the Garcia Family Sibling Scholarship Fund: A Promise Fulfilled

I'm delighted to share some heartwarming news with you all today! As Samantha's mom and Co-Founder of Samantha's Purpose alongside my husband Manny, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Garcia Family Sibling Scholarship Fund.

Established by our family and the founders of Samantha's Purpose, the Garcia Family Sibling Scholarship Fund is a testament to our ongoing commitment to fulfill our promise to Samantha to bring change and hope to others facing similar challenges. This scholarship is one of the ways we're honoring that promise and creating a lasting legacy for Samantha.

We created this scholarship with the intention of benefiting the sibling of an individual with special needs who is heading off to college. The inspiration for this scholarship comes from Samantha's brothers, who are the light of her life. The joy they bring to her is palpable. It only seemed fitting to start this scholarship at Christopher Columbus High School, her older brother's Alma Mater, where he graduated in 2023.

This year we were so honored to present scholarships to two outstanding Christopher Columbus Seniors: Daniel Guzman and Andrei Otero. These remarkable individuals have not only excelled academically but have also shown unwavering support and dedication to their siblings with special needs.

As a mother of three, including a special needs child, I have observed the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with being a special needs sibling through my sons. I hope this scholarship will recognize and support the extraordinary journey of siblings like Daniel and Andrei, alleviating the financial burden of college and inspiring them to pursue their academic aspirations.

But our family's commitment doesn't end there. We've pledged to fund this scholarship every year, with hopes of expanding it to other local high schools in the future.

I also want to recognize and thank the moderators of the L.I.N.K. Club at Christopher Columbus High School, Jeannette Gonzalez and Deborah Martinez, for their invaluable support and collaboration in making this scholarship a reality. Additionally, a heartfelt thank you to the Columbus College Guidance department for their assistance in coordinating this special initiative.

Daniel Guzman and Andrei Otero, congratulations on being the first recipients of the Garcia Special Needs Siblings Scholarship! Your achievements and dedication are a source of pride and inspiration to us all.

With gratitude,

Michelle Garcia

Samantha's Mom and Co-Founder of Samantha's Purpose

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