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One of the many challenges individuals with Cerebral Palsy can face is incontinence.  In our search for a way to make the community more accessible for these specific individuals, we found Changing Spaces USA.  Samantha's Purpose has agreed to help organize the Florida chapter of this movement.

For many reasons, individuals in the State of Florida require the use of a changing table.  Baby changing tables are available in most restrooms, yet those can only accommodate infants and small toddlers under 35 - 40 pounds.  Other children or adults who require a changing table, including disabled veterans and some senior citizens, are forced to use dirty restroom floors or the backs of vehicles (typically in public view).

For many individuals, families, and caregivers, the bathroom issue keeps them from attending sporting or cultural events, going to see a movie, or even traveling.  Any activity or event in public that lasts for multiple hours may be inaccessible for these individuals, as well as for their families, friends, or caregivers.  However, with just some minor adjustments, many facilities and spaces can be accessible and INCLUSIVE for all. 

Adult changing stations provide powered, height-adjustable changing tables and extra space for caregivers and wheelchair users.  They are able to fit in private, family-sized restrooms.  They make restrooms adaptive, accessible, and potentially universal to everyone, including individuals with disabilities and complex medical needs.


 With the help of the community, our goal is to make South Florida “fully accessible”.  We envision these adult changing tables in large venues, such as airport terminals, local government buildings, shopping malls, large box stores, the Zoo, museums, libraries, places of recreation, schools, hospitals, and rehab centers. 

*Scientists have found that there are 77,000 germs and viruses on the average restroom floor. 


** These changes will also benefit the elderly who have incontinence issues, people with catheters or colostomies and mothers with toddlers.

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