Samantha's Purpose a/k/a Voices for Cerebral Palsy was co-founded by Manny & Michelle Garcia, in honor of their daughter, Samantha, who lives with Cerebral Palsy everyday.  

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T: 305-345-4992

E: info@samanthaspurpose.org

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  • Cerebral Palsy Awareness


  • Since 2014 - Illuminating Miami GREEN FOR CP.


  • Started the first and only Cerebral Palsy Awareness Event in South Florida.


  • Funding Programs for Individuals with CP


  • Providing Families with Support/Assistance


  • Advocate for Inclusion in the Community 


In Florida over 7.8% of our total population is either non-ambulatory or has self-care issues.


They are unable to utilize the standard ADA complaint restrooms and they are either forced to stay at home or their caregivers or have to lay on a public restroom floor to be changed.

This is unsanitary and unsafe.